Filing Bankruptcy can be complicated, so it’s important to have an experienced bankruptcy attorney you trust to guide you through the process.  An experienced bankruptcy attorney needs to do much more for you than fill out forms.  An experienced bankruptcy attorney is needed to determine what type of bankruptcy case is right for you and to help you understand the procedures before, during, and after the case is completed.

David L. Alba has successfully obtained debt relief for clients suffering financial hardship by representing them in bankruptcy cases for over 30 years. 

If you believe you might benefit from debt relief, contact the law offices of David L. Alba to obtain a free consultation with no cost or obligation.  During the consultation Mr. Alba will obtain from you information about your income, assets and debts.  At the consultation he will advise you whether you qualify for bankruptcy, what your options are, and the alternatives that might be available to you.

David L. Alba, Esq., designated as a Federal Debt Relief Agency by an Act of Congress and the President of the United States, has proudly assisted consumers seeking relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code for over twenty-eight years.

Member, National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

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